Our Process


Every great system is made up of a core group of components. The more basic they are, the easier it is to digest and address them.

If changes implemented are too high level, the front line misses out. If they are too detailed, everyone gets lost in the tactics and how they support the priorities. By advancing operational efficiencies, each part of the organization sees an improvement.

Kavon Consulting follows these four high-level principals as we help companies scale.


STEP 1: Identify the Problem

This is where the process begins. By identifying and understanding your needs through discovery and analysis, we can begin to work on your company Vision, Goals, Expectations, Branding, Marketing, Sales Process and Tools, Product Development, Operation Processes, People and Customer Acquisition and Retention.

STEP 2: Strategize to Determine Organizational Priorities

After we’ve analyzed the problem, we look at the impact of those items identified and how they positively or negatively impact the organization. We work with owners and key personnel to determine which recommendations to implement, change, or eliminate. This allows us to identify which resources are needed and come up with a specific tactical plan of action.


STEP 3: Implementation / Execution

We implement the plan with clear and measurable tactics to ensure the proper processes, procedures, and people are meeting their benchmarks or milestones. We work to create new systems, policies, and accountability to ensure each item is addressed, assigned, and benchmarked 100% of the time.

STEP 4: Follow Up and Team Communication

Open lines of communication provide an overall benefit to the organization and allows the team to share progress, best practices, new ideas and areas of additional focus. This is done multiple times a year to make sure the organization is headed in the right direction and remains nimble to change.

It is extremely important, that every organization identify the “Integrator” as the person who is able to integrate the major functions of the business (Sales & Marketing, Operations and Finance), run the organization and manage the day-to-day issues that arise. This person works very closely with the Owner and is very involved in creating the Vision and Strategic plan of the company as well as ensuring the final plan is executed appropriately.

Kavon Consulting plays this role!